Pig Face the Ballerina Who Danced in a Refrigerator Box

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.13.36 PM
This piece by my 6 year old was discovered when trying to pay an important bill – the back of which served as the canvas
There are stories about pigs and there are stories about people.  There are stories about dancers and there are stories about headless men with cheeks like oranges.  I, for one, have been told tales about wonderful ballerinas and pigs with poor construction skills.  But never in my life have I been told about a human, with the head of a pig, pulling off a spectacular Grande Jeté.
Pig Face, as she was called, had remarkably clever parents, except when it came to baby names.  Mr. and Mrs. Face refused to name Pig while she was still in the womb.  Instead, they insisted they would “know” her name upon first glance of their new baby.  When Pig finally made her debut (exactly 34 hours and 26 minutes after her due date) Mr. and Mrs. Face looked at each other and said in unison, “She looks like a pig.”  So that is the name they went with!
Over time, Pig’s face grew into that of a normal little girl’s.  That is, of course, except for her pink eyes, pink mouth and two massive pink ears that framed her pink head.  And although she had a body that looked quite like two stacked marshmallows, she had the arms and legs of a dancer.  So, dancing is what she did.
Pig Face was an extraordinary dancer, but ballet was her favourite dance of all.  Pig was as talented as the most famous ballerinas like, wait… I don’t actually know any ballerinas, well believe me, she was spectacular.  Unfortunately though, Pig Face looked too much like a pig for the dancing world to accept.  Her flawless arabesques were invisible to those who could not see past her swine-likeness.  This injustice made Mr. and Mrs. Face furious.  Pig Face was the greatest ballerina of her time and she deserved success.
One day, Mr. Face had an idea.  If Pig Face could not preform on stage for a live audience, he would create an audience, not alive per say, but very much watching his darling Pig dance.  Fortunately for the Face family, their refrigerator had broken recently and needed replacing.  In the garage held the extremely large box for the mini fridge.  Mr. Face carefully designed a vault of sorts for Pig to climb in and gave the appearance of a large audience in the distance behind the image of an man, who also had a pink face, pink eyes and a pink mouth just like his daughter.
Pig Face entered into the box and gave her very best performance of Swine Lake, I mean, Swan Lake to the fictitious crowd.  Mr. and Mrs. Face looked on as their daughter’s dream of performing unfolded before their eyes.
Now, whenever Pig Face has choreographed a masterful ballet dance, she goes into her refrigerator box and dances for her pig-faced man and his illustrated audience.
*Note: The illustrator and the author experienced irreconcilable differences as to the intended nature of the “pig ears,” as depicted in the story.  The author stands by her interpretation and the artist, who insists they are pig tails, not ears, has been sent to bed without dessert for her dissension.